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What We Do
Services overview
  We provide practical help, training and support that make your step into employment quicker and easier than doing it alone. Our books show that we have knowledge and experience in the Health and Business Development Sectors, we have established a unique business model in training and recruitment, comprising of direct delivery, outsourced services and a specialist consultancy.
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We offer a specialist education & skills consultancy service in the following areas:
  • Small Business Development and Management
  • Fundraising for your new Business
  • Recruitment and Retention of staff
  • Business strategy and risk management
  • Networking/partnership working in the voluntary, public and private sector

We have in-house a highly experienced group of professional staff with the right mix of skills and personality to work with small and large organisations. If you want to discuss any of these projects further, please contact us at your earliest opportunity.

If you are looking to recruit but are concerned about the high fees, we offers a very low-fee-value added solution employment solution. We can offer a tailor made solution to meet your specific needs. We will work closely with you to understand your business, determine the exact skills that you require and then match this with our extensive database of candidates; all at no cost to you. We can design and deliver specific training preparing people for your roles and provide support for the application and selection process going forward. Once integrated into your company, your new employee will continue to receive our support and guidance. We can continue to develop their skills and competencies within the working environment through our training services.

We can source staff for short-term work placements or permanent positions. Your workforce will be motivated and well-trained with essential skills and raised morale resulting in lower staff turnover, greater efficiency and increased productivity.


We believe that successfully working in partnership with other organisations is the key ingredient to creating a new business culture open to ideas, willing to share expertise, manage risk and expand market opportunities. We have formed partnerships with some of the UKs leading specialist training organisations such as The Diaspora Comunity Project, Spectro Health Innovation and Eagle College.

HealthSupports endeavors to network with UK based companies so as to source and supply medical equipment to Nigerian Medical Institutions. Among other areas we supply equipment for the following: Integrative Intervention, Diagnosis,Treatment and Monitoring equipment for Laboratory Medicine, Medicine, Family health, Adolescence health, Martenal health, Paediatrics, Mental health, Rehabilitation, Community care, Disease Screening and Counselling.

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